Are Cisco Webex Teams Open Source Starter Kits a Cisco Product?

  • This is not a product, it is a community powered listing of Open Source contributions for Cisco Webex Teams. These are primarily developed by third parties but Cisco may also make a contribution.

How do I get Support?

  • These Open Source projects are provided as is, there is no warranty, support is best efforts and provided by the entity that published the integration. See the support section for more.

Is there a Security guarantee with the Starter Kits?

  • It is the responsibility of the entity that is deploying to validate that the Open Source application meets their internal security policies. Cisco does not offer any level of security certification for these Open Source projects.

Can I make changes to Starter Kits?

  • Everything is published under the MIT license which is down to the interpretation of the individual customer however it is generally accepted that MIT licensed software can be used, modified and sold with minimal restrictions.

Iā€™d like to share a project with the Community as a Starter Kit, how do I do it?

  • We are excited to list new contributions from the community, check out the contributing section to understand the process and requirements in order to be listed on the PowerUps listing.

I like the Starter Kits but need some support with custom development or customisation, are there developers that can help?

  • There is a community of developers that have expertise building on Cisco Webex Teams, some of those have contributed to the Starter Kits and some have not. Any software development shop is able to build on Cisco Webex Teams but if you like the quality of the projects provided by contributors you can reach out directly.

I am new to development for Cisco Webex Teams, where should I start from

  • Webex for Developers houses the developer reference documentation to extend Cisco Webex and create applications using the Cisco Webex APIs and SDKs. As several StarterKits leverage the Botkit framework, we suggest you go through these step-by-step DevNet tutorials to learn how to create conversational chat bots with Botkit.